Complete Works

forthcoming: summer 2022 Turnback Ridge Torrey House Press
Dead of Winter Salt Publishing, UK (May 2016)
The Dark Lantern: published in the U.S. and Canada in paperback with Three Rivers Press (2009); in hardback with Crown (2008); in Australia and New Zealand with Scribe (2008); and in Italy as Il Casa dei Segreti with Newton Compton (hardback 2009/paperback 2011)
Cold Country. Duckworth, UK (2002). Also distributed in the US and Canada

Short Stories
forthcoming: Jan 2022 “Ocean City, 1949” Bayou #75
forthcoming: fall 2021 “Windfall” Raritan: A Quarterly Review
“Spoiled” The Waking: Ruminate Online 9th Feb 2021
“Broken” 101 Words, 15 Oct 2020
“Rasslabsia” JMWW 7th October 2020
“Huldremose” Copper Nickel, #31 & 32, fall 2020
“Release” New Limestone Review, 12th May, 2020
“Mr. Sweet-Pie” Gargoyle #71, Fall 2019: Pushcart nomination
“Timbuktu” Aurealis #120 (Chimaera Publications, Australia) May, 2019
“Dazzle” Litro Online: #FlashFriday (UK) September 2018
“A Grievous Burden” Crimewave 13: Bad Light, May 2018
“Gone” Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story. Ed. Grant Faulkner et al.. Outpost 19 Books, spring 2018.
“Williamsville” The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 Ed. John Sandford. (Previously published in Alaska Quarterly Review vol. 33 nos. 1 & 2 spring/summer 2016.)
“On Pilson Rock” Southwest Review Vol. 102 No. 1, April 2017
“Dirt” CALYX: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women Vol. 29.1 March 2016
“The Joke” Copper Nickel #22, March 2016
“I’m Coming to That” Juked February 2016
“My Promotion” Cleaver Magazine Issue No. 11 September 2015. Finalist for Queen’s Ferry Press The Best Small Fictions 2016. Guest editor: Stuart Dybek.
Dead of Winter excerpt in Alaska Sampler 2015, Running Fox Press, March 2015
“Beast” Gargoyle #62, February 2015
“Revenant” Mondays are Murder @ Akashic Press website, November 2014
“The Billet” Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction, Issue 22, summer 2014
“Lagniappe” Los Angeles Review Issue #14, November 2013
“Sunk” Redivider 11.1, fall/winter 2013 (nominated by Redivider for Pushcart 2013)
“His Good Fortune” Fiction Southeast, fall 2013
“North” Conte Vol 9 issue 1, 2013
“A Man for Hire” Quarter After Eight: A Journal of Innovative Writing Issue #19 (issue devoted to work by mentors and their mentees), summer 2013
“Gone.” 100 Word Story May 2013
“The Wild” BBC Radio 4 Opening Lines series (national broadcast of story 20 July 2012, plus audio podcast, audio publication, and on-line publication of story).
“Sourpuss.” The Brooklyn Review. Summer 2012.
“Waltzing.” The Long Story No. 30, December 2011.
“Instructions for Disposal of Dangerous Materials.” Used Furniture Review 7 December, 2011.
“At Rest.” Dirty Napkin #4.4 September 2011. (Publication plus audio recording.)
“Beset.” Bound Off: Literary Audio Podcast. September 2011. Nominated by Bound Off editors for the Million Writers Award.
“Nothing To Be Ashamed Of.” Word Riot. June 2011.
“The House at Hexworthy.” Bartleby Snopes June 2011.
“A Long and Distinguished Career.” Camera Obscura Journal of Literature and Photography Vol. 3 Summer/Fall 2011.
“A Disgrace.” Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas (spring 2011).
“A Small Loss.” New Orphic Review, Fall 2006.
“Heartbreak at the New Greek Café.” Hawaii Review 1994, issue 43.
“The Bruising.” Double-Entendre. Summer 1994.
“The Fish Corpse.” Unthank. Norwich, UK: Centre for Creative and Performing Arts, 1989.
Non-fiction Essays, Poetry, Song Lyrics, & Reviews

“New York No” Mslexia (UK) issue 88, Dec 2020
“Swamped” The Real Story (UK), 30th Oct 2020
“The Case of the Vampire Student” in The Chronicle of Higher Education Advice section 8 May 2013,
“Skirmish.” Redivider: A Journal of New Literature and Art 9.2 spring 2012.
“Translation”: (i) BLIP Magazine Summer 2011.
(ii) BLIP magazine Summer 2011 (Kindle edition): BLIP Publishing, 18 August 2011
Invited contributor for May 2011 for Alaskan writers’ blog 49writers ( Four blog entries on writing and literature:
“On Running”
“The End of the Story”
“Messing With Books”
“Becoming Unstuck”
“On the Chena River, January 2008.” Camas: The Nature of the West vol. 18 #3, Winter 2010.
“Lured to the Land of the Free.” Guardian (UK) 8 Feb. 1994.
“Coming Out of Winter.” Gulf Islands Guardian (July 1994).
“Living in Eden.” Santa Clara Review 81.2 (1994): 168-170.

“So much earth.” Rosebud magazine #52, spring 2012.
Song lyrics/performances of work:
Winter Journeys: Songs for Orchestra and Chorus. Lyrics: Gerri Brightwell, music James Michael Bicigo, Dept. of Music, University of Alaska, Fairbanks:
Premier of “Songs of a Pioneer” sung by Danica Clark Hoffart, Chantal Boos and Sharon Braun as part of Sometimes in Winter at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre, 21 Nov 2019, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.
Premier of Movement Seven, 30th September, 2007, by the Rostern Community College Choir and Saskatoon Youth Orchestra in Saskatchewan, Canada. Entry in the ASCAP Rudolph Nissan Competition, Nov. 2007.
Premier performance of “Lost Dog” movement by Summer Music Academy Concert Choir, 12 June, 2008.
Premier performance of “The Old Whale Road: and “Angel of Snow” movements by Summer Music Academy Concert Choir, 20 June, 2008
Premier performance of “Holiday Memories” movement by Summer Music Academy, Academy Choir, 20 June, 2008.
Book review:
Review of Roy Ness’s Rutting Season (novel) in The Northern Review #46, December 2017.
Review of Ian Burney’s Poison, Detection and the Victorian Imagination. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2007. Journal of British Studies, vol. 47, n. 2, April 2008.

Literary Criticism
“Hunted Down,” “A Manchester Marriage,” “A Scandal in Bohemia.” Companion to the British Short Story and Short Fiction. Ed. Andrew Maunder. Facts on File, 2006.
“The Case of the Household Spy: Public Service and Domestic Service in Hayward’s ‘The Mysterious Countess.’” CLUES: A Journal of Detection. Spring 2005.
“Charting the Nebula: Gender, Language and Power in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.” Women & Language 18.2 (1995): 37-41.
“Flags and Filters: The Influence of Colour in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook.” The Doris Lessing Newsletter 16.1 (1994): 3+.
Composition, Second-language Acquisition, and pedagogy
“Small Steps: Discovering Who You Are As a Writer” Pearson: Pedagogy and Practice (website) March 2016
“Distinguishing Ourselves: Thoughts from the Far Side of the Teaching Philosophy.” LORE, fall 2004.
“Writing Up Research: On-line Writing Course.” Language Center (previously Center for Language and Education Technology), Asian Institute of Technology, 1998:
with Marie-France Champagne. “The Fifth Dimension: ThaiTESOL ’98.” ThaiTESOL Newsletter 11.1 (1998): 16-19.
“The Fallible Teacher.” IATEFL Newsletter (Oct/Nov 1997).
“Throwaway Writing.” TESOL Matters 7.3 (1997).
“Is It Perfect Yet?: How We Fail to Teach Writing Skills.” Selected Proceedings, The First Pan Asian Conference and 17th Annual Thai TESOL International Conference: 9-10. Jan 1997.